Black ABS 3D Printing Filament

Octave 1.75mm Black ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spoool ($31)

Standard black ABS filament spool (1.75m) for most home 3D printers, including Reprap, Afinia, and the UP! 3D Printer. Also available in white.

The highest standard of 3D printing material for home and desktop 3D printers. Manufactured to industrial scale tight tolerances and wide extruder temperature range for high quality smooth 3D printing results at home.

Shapeways CEO – ‘3D Printing Could Allow You to Design Your Own Materials’

Most people understand that the revolutionary nature of 3D printing lies in its ability to allow ordinary people to design and print their own bespoke products.  But according to the CEO of popular 3D printing service ‘Shapeways’, in the near future, 3D printing could also allow people to design the materials themselves.

But printers are changing fast. Weijmarshausen said that within five years, personal 3D printers that print in plastic could rival a faction of Shapeways’ professional printers, putting pressure on the companies that supply them to innovate. And there are plenty of innovations he would really like to see, with printing in multiple materials being a prime example.

While printers that work with multiple materials already exist, Shapeways has yet to offer printing services that utilize them. Weijmarshausen said file formats are not yet standardized enough and user-friendly software needs to appear. But the appeal of printers that mix materials with incredible precision is great, as they would give rise to totally new textures and lend objects new properties.

“That capability, we as humans, have never had,” Weijmarshausen said. ”You don’t just design a product, you design a material.”

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